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freakystyleylo's Journal

Hey I'm Lo, I'm in love with art forms- especially the visual and audio arts.
I couldn't live in a word without music. I own 2 guitars and play them badly, but the important thing is I try and I pride myself on that. I think it would be wicked to be a music journalist or a music video director. I want to stay connected to art forms always. My favourite band of all-time is the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I don't feel "obsessed" is the proper word to describe my feelings about them, it's more love and respect- the deepest love and the greatest respect for them. They are my everything. Their music is my everything and they are also a beautiful bunch of people inside and out. I've been convinced that I'm going to marry either Anthony or John. Please don't burst my bubble. Other than that my music preferences are pretty much just a mix of random other stuff, there aren't really any other bands I'd call myself a "fan" of to the extent that I am of the Chili Peppers, but I listen to a lot of Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi and Aqua- the most underrated band of the 90's. If Aqua had a reunion concert I'd probably go.

PS- credit to Miss_Snoopy25 for my lovely mood theme! :)
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